Community Dashboard

The Black Lake First Nation Dashboard is an information tool that contains key data points relevant to our community. The data and data visualizations from many sources will provide users a glance at over 100 indicators and the Resources Library contains over 500 programs, services and planning resources to support First Nations in implementing their priorities.

Vision: The Black Lake Denesuline First Nation will lead its Member First Nations in building a healthy community, in preserving and protecting their inherent rights, and encouraging the preservation of their cultural heritage and language.

Mission: The Black Lake Denesuline First Nation is dedicated to strengthening First Nation governance, protecting inherent and Treaty rights and providing advocacy on matters that affect the Member First Nations and the respective Band members.

Planning for the future

Based on the engagement efforts that have taken place with Black Lake members, the following section depicts the background, goals, and data around key planning areas identified in the community planning wheel.